Jennifer Fawzy 4 NV State Senate



A Vibrant Economy

For too long Nevada’s economy has been reliant on gaming and tourism, and every time there is an economic downturn, the people of Las Vegas suffer. We need to continue to recruit new businesses and industries to relocate to Nevada, especially in the south, so we can provide economic stability for our residents. The people of Nevada need jobs that can keep up with rising costs, especially in housing and provide opportunities for growth. I will support programs that help businesses grow and expand their workforces, including programs that provide on-the-job training. For so many, large student loans are a barrier to learning new skills, and if an employer will lean in to retrain employees, there are ways the State can help.


We must address a failing education system. Nevada’s school districts continue to be ranked at the bottom of every list; we are not only failing our children, we are hindering Nevada’s economy. Children should receive a quality education without the financial burden of private schools, and their future employers rely on the ability of our public schools to graduate students who can meet the base criteria of Nevada’s workforce. Our students and teachers in Las Vegas are at a breaking point. Teachers are fleeing the classroom, and violence among students is at an all-time high. We need to invest in supporting teachers to provide stable classroom environments for their students. We need to make sure the resources are available to help get students back on track from the missed class time during the pandemic.

Crime & Law Enforcement

Our elected representatives have a responsibility to keep our communities safe. Funding law enforcement must be a top priority, especially as crime rates are on the rise in Las Vegas and throughout the state. I believe in the Second Amendment and that you have the right and responsibility for your own personal safety when seconds count and law enforcement is minutes away. I believe that a vibrant economy is the best path to reducing crime. By recruiting good jobs to Nevada that provide viable, meaningful work, people are able to provide for themselves and their families. This, in turn, reduces recidivism and decreases demand on taxpayer funded social services. I believe we need prison reform without compromising the Rule of Law.

I Support Our Veterans

As the granddaughter and niece of veterans, I know that we can never do enough to repay their service to our country. I will prioritize and support programs that help our veterans to ensure they are treated with respect and dignity and are able to access the services they need.

Voters Rights

The Right to Vote is integral to being an American. I will fight for Election Integrity and Voters Rights.

Put a Hold on Taxes

I will continue to keep our taxes low, so we stay competitive in the world market.

Global Competitiveness

I will fight to remove hinderances keeping global investment and competitiveness in Nevada Industry.


I will work to remove red tape and end unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth and prosperity.


I will support legislation to enhance healthcare and establish policies that work for all Nevadans.

Mining, Land and Agriculture

I believe we must be responsible with Nevada's natural resources. I will work to ensure our rural counties have the resources they need and the state's mining industry is taxed fairly.