Jennifer Fawzy 4 NV State Senate



Jennifer will work with Nevada Parents on a wide variety of issues to ensure and protect the rights of the child to have both parents in their life and equal rights.

Jennifer Fawzy will fight for our great veterans so that they have the care, benefits and respect they so richly deserve. With Fawzy Veterans can be assured they have a friend in Carson City..

Jennifer Fawzy promises to put Nevada's working men and women back to work. Together with House Republicans, Jenn will create the atmosphere that will encourage more jobs, protect union workers, while bringing diversity to our community.

As a woman of color, working mother and entrepreneur Jennifer is uniquely qualified and identifies with minority issues. With Jennifer Fawzy in Carson City minority citizens have an advocate.

As a Woman of Faith, Jennifer puts God first. Catholics and People of Faith can rest assured she will hold to her faith. People of Faith have an abiding belief in the existence of an All-knowing, God who gives humans their rights and not that of government. This belief is at the core and root of the American system of self-governance. .

Jennifer Fawzy supports the men and women who wear the badge which represents the thin blue line that protects Nevadans. Cops for Fawzy is a coalition of individuals who understand the future of our country depends on the support of our law enforcement. Cops Love Fawzy

Gun Owners for Fawzy will unite Gun Rights advocates in our mission to protect and defend our Laws. She will uphold the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms, while holding criminals individually accountable for their actions with strong enforcement of federal and state laws.

Jewish Voices for Fawzy is focused on galvanizing the Jewish community. From combating anti-Semitism, to doggedly fighting for the sovereignty, safety and security of Israel.

Jennifer Fawzy honors the sacrifice and service of our frontline workers in the medical field. Medical professionals are at the heart of our fight to keep Nevadans healthy far beyond the COVID period.